TROLLCAVE x Asakusa Deathfest 2024



"We're really looking forward to go to Japan and spread our dose of necrotic death/doom all over the island, and we would also like to thank to all the parties involved on making it happen, Naru,Hiroshi, Raphael, Anatomia and so on.
Expect new music in the near future wich we'll be playing live during our small tour in Japan." - TROLLCAVE

Started in late 2021 by Marta and Marc, Trollcave emerges from the rotten breeding grounds of Barcelona as one of the youngest promises in the Spanish underground. After releasing a diseased death/doom demo ("Malforming Abominations of the Gloom Depths"), Carlos (from sibling band Sanctuarium) joins on vocals. With their debut LP ("Rotted Remnants Dripping into the Void") coming out in late 2022 via Gurgling Gore, and now joined by Federico from Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, and Pablo from Inanicion, Trollcave prepare to spread their necrotic death metal of doom over Europe. Downtuned, reverb-drenched, ugly and slow, Trollcave continue their eternal worship of diSEMBOWELMENT, Thergothon, Rippikoulu, Spectral Voice and Incantation with upcoming EP and split releases during 2024.