SOUL DEVOURMENT x Asakusa Deathfest 2024



"We look forward to bringing our death metal to the Land of the Rising Sun. Since we were young, we have appreciated the history and culture of Japan. Bands like Anthem, Loudness, Seikima II, Transgressor, Butcher ABC, Abigail, Intestine Baalism and Anatomia have inspired us throughout the years.We are excited to perform for fans in Japan. Prepare yourselves for a night of Death Metal hell!" - SOUL DEVOURMENT

日本のデスメタルファンにSoul Devourmentの曲を届けられる事に感激しているよ!若い頃から日本の歴史や文化に親しんできたからね。特にAnthem, Loudness, 聖飢魔II, Transgressor, Butcher ABC, Abigail, Intestine Baalism, Anatomia に憧れて今も刺激を受けているんだ。みんなの前で演奏するのを楽しみにしているよ。

Formed in 2020, hailing from Los Angeles, California and El Salvador, Soul Devourment deliver crushing death metal with influences ranging from Dismember, Carnage to Bolt Thrower and early Sentenced. As well as Japanese legends Intestine Baalism and Transgressor. Not content to wallow in simplistic pits of gore, Frank Heredia (guitar, vocals), Anthony Friere (Guitars), Jerrod Preston (Bass), and Jeremy Ortega (Drums) craft songs steeped in themes of existential dread and the bleakest dystopian science fiction.

Until now, Soul Devourment has played shows in the United States. However, their appearance at Asakusa Death fest will mark their international debut.