SABBAT x Asakusa Deathfest 2017

SABBAT  x Asakusa Deathfest 2017


90年代後半には暗黒スラッシュ界の名門、Iron Pegasusと契約し、00年代初頭のWacken Open Air、その他数々のメタルフェスティバルにも精力的に出場。現在では出音一発目で世界中の地下メタルマニアが最前列になだれ込み、雨や嵐や熱狂のシンガロングを巻き起こすメタルレジェンドとしてその地位を確固たるものとしている。


SABBAT is back. Evil satanic thrash attack!

Starting out as EVIL in 1983, the trio of Japanese metallers clad themselves in Venom-esque satanic occult imagery and threw the black fire into the early days of underground thrash metal movement. With riffs evil and darkened, sound primitive, their songs were still built on traditional heavy metal solos and chorus, which caught the ears of extreme metal maniacs here and abroad.

In the late ‘90s they came under the banner of German Iron Pegasus and soon after started playing for international festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Download Festival. Albeit a success, their passion and dedication to the underground have never ceased as they continue to march on across the continents with their fierce anthems. Yes, their primitive energy is alive.

Shall the cursed fire be taken, shall the avalanche strike the pit!
Burn, Asakusa, burn!

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