SVDESTADA x Asakusa Deathfest 2024



Formed in 2017, SVDESTADA emerges with a sound that ranges from the rawest Crust-punk and Post-Hard Core to exploding the dense and dark landscapes of Post-metal, even flirting with more extreme styles like Black Metal. 
Their musical journey began with their debut in 2018, "YO SOY EL MAR", and depended with their second album, "AZABACHE", released in 2021, taking them to perform in the most iconic venues of the national underground scene, defying expectations and leaving listeners eager for more. 
In 2024, SVDESTADA is gearing up to unveil their third album, "CANDELA". This is new work promises to take listeners even deeper into their musical amalgamation. Across even captivation tracks, the band embraces their darker side, delving into profound pains suck as abandonment, nostalgia, and solitude.