LORD PIGGY x Asakusa Deathfest 2019

For almost 15 years, LORD PIGGY has been churning out frothing Grind at an impressive pace spanning 8 full lengths and over 20 splits. Hailing from Mexico, their earlier porcine offerings reveled in the depraved gore and porn pervesions. However, after a few lineup changes and collaborative recordings, they turned to socio-political unrest for inspiration. Death gutturals and Porno-gore vocals carry over riffs that waver between straight up Grind to Brutal Death Metal with some songs bringing to mind both Incantation and Agathocles in one just a three minute track. Lord Piggy's various lineup changes, collaborations, and influences are on full demonstration throughout their discography. Despite that, one thing is for certain, Lord Piggy will always bring the Grind to the party!
After collaborating with musicians, labels, and artists from all over the world, Lord Piggy is finally rearing their snout to East Asia. In October 2019, LORD PIGGY will bring their brand of Grinding Death to Asakusa Death Fest! 
Bring your cleavers because it's sure to be a slaughterhouse!

活動が15年にもなるLORD PIGGYは溢れ立つグラインドを驚きのペースでリリースする8枚のフルアルバムと20枚にも上るスプリットにて炸裂。
ガテラルボーカルとポルノゴアボーカルをリフに乗せグラインドコアとブルータルデスメタルの間を行き来するスタイルはINCANTATIONとAGATHOCLESを3分の曲でやる様を彷彿とさえる。それはともかくLORD PIGGYはいつでもグラインドパーティをするって事だ!
そして世界中のプレイヤー、レーベルとの関わりを経た彼らは遂に東アジアへ上陸する。 2019年10月、LORD PIGGYはグラインドデスメタルをASAKUSA DEATHFESTへ持ち込むぜ!!